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This past year we have been busy with productions in and out of our Blue Cliff home, including HEX at The Royal Theater in Copenhagen, Tilbage Til For Evigt at Blaagaard Teater in Copenhagen and much more!

These days we are developing a new production due to premier in 2025. Stay tuned!

In November 2024 we will be at CINARS in Canada. Hope to meet you there!

Upcoming performances

Shinpai Shinaide - Don't Worry About Us  available for touring


"...It is the great human history, it is our death, the transcendence of the dead, the grief of those who stay behind, and it is, to say the least,  impressive..." (DEN 4. VÆG)


… a visually beautiful and positively challenging dance experience… "Shinpai Shinaide - Don't Worry About Us" creates an atmosphere… perhaps the performance can also shift our maybe too fixed perspective of what performing arts are and can be.” (Aarhus Stiftstidende)

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