Shinpai Shinaide - Don't worry about us

A moving and atmospheric performance that combines Butoh dance, video and originally composed music. It touches on deep, human topics such as love, grief and acceptance, merging the different elements in a seamless flow of imagery and sound.

Taking inspiration from The Phone of the Wind - a phone booth in Japan where grieving parents, children and friends go to talk to their loved ones who perished during the catastrophic tsunami in 2011 – Shinpai Shinaide invites the audience onto an unforgettable emotional journey. 

Heartbreaking words that were recorded in the booth open the show. We sit in a dark room while we hear the voices of people expressing their innermost feelings and see the translation scrolling on the white ghostly fabrics that make up the set - “Don’t forget to eat”, “Please let me hear you call me papa”, “Shinpai shinaide - don’t worry about us”. 

Words then leave place to arresting video projections, slow mesmerizing dance movements and a compelling soundscape. Images, dance and music merge into one and we can’t help being transported into a unique world, a land suspended between fantasy and reality, life and death; a place that, surprisingly, we become very reluctant to leave. Suddenly it’s not about a Japanese phone booth anymore, but about the human condition, memory and loss, love and death - it is hauntingly universal and deeply personal at the same time.



Created and produced by Blue Cliff, in co-production with Åbne Scene - Godsbanen (Aarhus) and Bora Bora - Dans og visuelt teater (Aarhus)

Concept, choreography and dance: Yael Gaathon


Video artist: Masashi Nagara


Composer: Tamar Muskal


Shakuhachi flute: Kojiro Umezaki


Set and costume design: Yael Gaathon


Assistant video artist and graphic design: Ai Sasao

Light design: Peer Mariboe

Co-produced and supported by: Open Scene - Godsbanen, and Bora Bora - Dance and Visual Theater

Funded and supported by: Danish Arts Foundation, The City of Aarhus, Augustinus fonden, Toyota Fonden, and Performing Arts Platform


 #statenskunstfnond #kunstgørenforskel 

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