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Butoh Workshops


Yael Gaathon periodically gives Butoh workshops and classes in Denmark and around the world. Here you can find dates and places of upcoming workshops.



Blue Cliff Butoh workshops:

Unless otherwise stated, workshops are open to all. Whether you have danced Butoh before or have no prior experience, these workshops offer the opportunity to dive into deeper levels of our awareness and presence, find new ways of expression and connect strongly to both body and mind.

Kazuo Ohno, a founding father of Butoh, said:  It is the soul that dances and the body follows. These words are the essence of Yael's approach to Butoh dance and training.

In her workshops Yael encourages reflection and awareness, focusing both on mind, body and space. The exercises aim on aiding us to dive deep into the skin, the muscles and the soul. From this deep connection to ourselves we open the door to dance, allowing a free flow of creativity, transformation and expression.

Yael Gaathon has been working with Butoh for over 20 years choreographing, performing and teaching. She has been giving Butoh workshops and teaching theater, physical training and Butoh to actors and dancers in institutions such as The National Theater School in Denmark and The Danish Actors Association.

Please follow us on Facebook or check here to get updates on upcoming workshops.

You are more than welcome to book a workshop with us.  Please contact us at Workshops can be open to all or targeted towards specific groups such as performers, actors or dancers.

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Yesterday at the end of our Butoh worksh
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