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Masashi Nagara

Masashi Nagara

Masashi Nagara is a Japanese video artist, visual artist and movie creator working with a wide range of expression and activities both within the commercial sector as well as artistic collaborations and projects.

In 2007 Masashi graduated from Kyoto Seika University Video Art department. After graduation he studied under the video artist Yoshimasa Ishibashi as his assistant for 2 years, during which he participated in many of his works including movies, commercials and art museum exhibitions.
Masashi then worked with PARASOPHIA where he served as a line producer in the work "Bodhida / bodhi" exhibited at Kyoto International Contemporary Art Festival 2015. Following his career as a freelance movie creator, Masashi began to intensively pursue artistic activities since September 2015. (Tumblr) (Youtube)

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