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“…in the sand a woman can not continue

   In the sand

                     a woman falls asleep.”

From the poem “Picking fruit” by Miriam Oren

Dune is a solo Butoh piece about the feeling of loneliness and isolation, the feeling of being unappreciated and neglected, trapped in a loveless relationship

Dune was first presented as a work in progress in 2005 at Dansolution choreographic competition, Copenhagen Denmark. In 2007 the full version premiered at Here and Now festival in Aarhus Denmark.

Dune 2005 

Choreography and dance: Yael Gaathon

Live music: 'Secret Pet' - Rune Kaargaard and Birgitte Lyregaard

Lamp design: Thomas Jørgensen 

Costume design: Yael Gaathon

Light design: Lars Egegaard Sørensen 

Technical assistance: Ole Kristensen


Dune 2007

Choreography and dance: Yael Gaathon

Music: Yael Gaathon

Light design: Kasper Daugaard Poulsen

Costume design: Yael Gaathon

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