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By The Fading Light




40 min solo


By the Fading Light is a piece about age and aging. It unfolds the inner story of a woman, past, present and future. All ages exist within her - a young naive self, a disappointed mature self, a bitter ageing self, a wiser older self. She journeys between these identities, fighting with invisible demons of self image, mourning the loss of forgotten dreams, finding peace in the wisdom of perspective.


Choreography and dance: Yael Gaathon

Music: Israel Bright

Light design: Mogens Kjempff

Set and costume design: Yael Gaathon


Presented at:

2015 - SOAK festival, NYC (20 min work in progress, with music composed by Simon Germyn) 

2016 - Teater Svalegangen , Aarhus DK 

Teateroen, Copenhagen DK 

Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin GER

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