Shinpai Shinaide - Don't worry about us



On a hill overlooking the ocean, in a small town in Japan that was hit very hard by the 2011 tsunami, is a phone booth known as the "Phone of the Wind". It is connected to nowhere, but people come to talk to their lost family and friends, finding a way to give expression to their grief and make peace with their loss. A man who has lost his parents, his wife and his 1-year old son says: “Please let me hear you call me papa”, another tells his wife: “You always forget to eat. Don’t forget to eat”. A phrase that is being used over and over again is: “Shinpai shinaide”, “Don’t worry about us”.


An international collaboration, Shinpai Shinaide is a butoh dance and video performance about human fragility, love, loss, hope and acceptance, inspired by the Phone of the Wind and the poetic and moving words that grieving parents, sons, daughters and friends have entrusted to it. 


Created and produced by Blue Cliff, in co-production with Åbne Scene - Godsbanen (Aarhus) and Bora Bora - Dans og visuelt teater (Aarhus)

Concept, choreography and dance: Yael Gaathon


Video artist: Masashi Nagara


Composer: Tamar Muskal


Shakuhachi flute: Kojiro Umezaki


Set and costume design: Yael Gaathon


Assistant video artist and graphic design: Ai Sasao

Light design: Peer Mariboe

Co-produced and supported by: Open Scene - Godsbanen, and Bora Bora - Dance and Visual Theater

Funded and supported by: Danish Arts Foundation, The City of Aarhus, Augustinus fonden, Toyota Fonden, and Performing Arts Platform


 #statenskunstfnond #kunstgørenforskel 

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